Hypixel Tools

I don't like boring tools.
Plenty of people make normal tools
I make magic

Just Another Dynamic Signature

Everyone touts their most useful stats on the forums but whats the fun in that?
People can just look you up on plancke anyways. Show more unique stats and turn some heads. Who needs Blitz kill/death ratios when you can see your PaintBall shots fired to win ratio.

Stats JSON Return

I made a JSON return for Hypixel stats.
If you dont understand that, this tool isnt for you.

Hypixel Utilities for CT

Get stats and player names while on the server
Requires ChatTriggers


Fully dynamic, responsive Minecraft chat forge mod that you control

Take control of your Minecraft chat and mold it into a completely unique experience

Use high level programming and functions to customize the way that your chat behaves


Minecraft Mods

I make a lot of cool things. Sometimes things that no one ever asked for but I wanted it so I made it

  • ChatTriggers
  • The Shrug Mod
  • GameMenu
  • Blur ported to 1.8.9
All of my mods are forge mods


Contact me

Here are the best ways to get in contact with me


Feel free to tweet me for questions to anything technology related. I will try my best to help out!

Hypixel Forums

Leave a message on my wall or start a private conversation with me for any more compicated questions about my mods or what I do.


Shoot me an email for any business inquiries.


I make a lot of my code public in attempts to help other people get started with their own projects. Follow me on there to see all of my current and past source code.


Twitter is the best way to keep up with me. I tweet progress on projects, dank memes, and just random pictures from adventures.

Hypixel Forums

You can find me lurking on the forums doing my best to help out anyone and everyone! I dont post many threads, but when I do, I make sure they are special.